Legacy Craft,
Modern Furniture

Heirloom-quality pieces crafted
by independent woodworkers

The Marley

Estimated Build Time: 6-8 Weeks
Estimated Lifespan: 100+ Years

This is what
real furniture feels like

hey, what’s the difference?

Solid Wood,
Solid Joinery

Strong and simple, traditional joinery and solid wood ensure your piece will be stable and sturdy for years to come. It takes time, skill, and a deep love of the material. You won’t find this in factory furniture.

Made by Master

Your furniture comes from an independent furniture maker who is as dedicated to the living tradition of woodworking as we are.

No two pieces are exactly alike. Naturally-occurring inconsistencies in the wood make your furniture beautiful and unique.

Build your home around furniture that lasts

Teak & Timber pieces are designed and built to last for generations. Each piece is hand-crafted by a dedicated furniture maker with the time-tested techniques of traditional craftsmanship and sustainably harvested materials.

Currently available in the Greater Seattle Area